Digital Workspaces Driving Winning Employee Experiences

The business world initially focused on consumer marketing and sales, but leading companies recognize that a best-in-class employee experience is what sets a company apart. Employee experience encapsulates all the interactions a person has with the organization. It starts from the first day an employee enters the company, and learns about the organization through consistent […]

Securing your Data in the Digital World

In today’s digital world, businesses must embrace new technologies to stay relevant and competitive to thrive in local and global markets. Even though these new technologies have allowed companies to remain competitive in their industry, it has also exposed them and their sensitive data to new threats. In March of 2020, companies were forced to […]

The Power of GPUs at your Fingertips

vGPU’s are essential to companies that rely on accelerated graphics to complete projects… Engineers and designers have traditionally relied on dedicated, high-powered workstations to perform their most demanding tasks, such as manipulating 3D models and visually analyzing large data sets. These standalone workstations carry smooth and high-quality graphic capabilities, yet engineers and designers are limited […]

Main Office Productivity: From the Remote Engineer

Engineers’ work environment is far from the usual or the “norm” in today’s world. They are forced to transition from their in-office workstations, which include all applications and files needed to be productive, to now working remotely at home. The work-from-home model is more prevalent now than ever before. Yet, time does not stop, engineers […]