Main Office Productivity: From the Remote Engineer

Engineers’ work environment is far from the usual or the “norm” in today’s world.

They are forced to transition from their in-office workstations, which include all applications and files needed to be productive, to now working remotely at home. The work-from-home model is more prevalent now than ever before. Yet, time does not stop, engineers are still required to invent, design, analyze, build, test, and maintain productivity. So, how do you get that in-office productivity from remote engineers?

The answer lies in the infrastructure. Business owners are forced to be agile and reactive, resulting in new methods in the way offices are ran. It is more than supplying a laptop, or setting up virtual meetings, there are many factors now that business owners must consider to keep their engineering department productive.

  • Can employees remotely and efficiently access all their data, files and applications?
  • Is the network and data secure when employees are working remotely?
  • In what way can this transition be seamless for the workforce?
  • How does IT maintain and manage software updates and downloads remotely?
  • Do business owners have to buy new hardware for remote employees?

So, where do you go from here?

Well, we have engineered a solution for you, three words, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), a cloud solution in your four walls.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure refers to the hosting of desktop environments on a central server and deploys them to end-users on request. 

Why a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

  • Engineers Productive Anywhere
  • Powerful Processing Power on Any Device
  • Save on IT Costs
  • Heighten Security
  • Pay for what you use
  • Centralized App Installation/Update Management
  • Expand Life on Hardware

Let us at Revitalize-IT streamline this process. 

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