Securing your Data in the Digital World

In today’s digital world, businesses must embrace new technologies to stay relevant and competitive to thrive in local and global markets. Even though these new technologies have allowed companies to remain competitive in their industry, it has also exposed them and their sensitive data to new threats.

In March of 2020, companies were forced to implement new technologies to allow their employees to work remotely or close their doors due to the pandemic. Many companies embraced the most effortless and cost-effective solution to meet their unique demands to stay afloat during the pandemic, but at what cost? 

Companies were now risking their sensitive data by trusting their employees’ home computers were secure and free from viruses, malware, ransomware, and other members of their household. Employees sent sensitive data through their personal email accounts and saved the sensitive data on their local desktops. Companies lost the ability to secure their data and opened themselves up to potential legal troubles.

Here at Revitalize-IT, we have helped companies secure their data and lower costs by implementing virtualized servers, virtual desktops, and virtual graphics processing units. 

With these technologies, employees no longer need to download sensitive data over unsecured networks or keep their work on their personal computers. Employees can log on to their virtual workstation through a small client application or any web browser on almost any device connected to the internet. They are no longer confined to the limitations of their home computer.

How does this secure my data and lower my costs?

IT departments no longer have to rush out and reinstall windows when a hard drive dies or when an employee inadvertently opens up a virus. Virtual desktops are automatically deleted and recreated at log-off. Every time the employee logs in, they get a fresh OS install. IT departments are no longer forced to install updates on individual computers. Applications and OS system updates can be packaged up in one install and attached to the virtual desktops when the user logs in. Downtime is decreased dramatically, especially in companies where every minute of lost production is revenue lost.

As technology evolves and businesses find ways to cut costs, they can start to look at cutting down on the amount of hardware they have in their offices, the size of their office space, and the amount of money they will save in electrical costs every year implementing virtual work strategies. 

Employee files are no longer stored on the individual desktop. With the correct profile management, group policies, and document management (SolidWorks PDM), employee files are automatically redirected to a file server allowing the end-user to worry less if they think they inadvertently saved the file in the wrong location. SolidWorks PDM takes document security and document management a step further. You no longer have to worry whether or not one of your engineers overwrote a critical file. Once a document is saved, it is protected from being overwritten or deleted. Any changes made have to be saved as a revision. SolidWorks PDM also protects your documents and drawings by storing them in a secure vault, and you can set access permissions for any type of file for your whole office. SolidWorks PDM also sets up workflows for your environment, streamlining your ability to automate the notification and publishing of documents, assigning revision numbers and updating file data cards to your documents as they move through your company’s workflow.

If you want to learn more about how your workforce can securely move to a remote model, whether it is because of a pandemic or your workforce is globally dispersed, contact us here at Revitalize-IT.

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