Digital Workspaces Driving Winning Employee Experiences

The business world initially focused on consumer marketing and sales, but leading companies recognize that a best-in-class employee experience is what sets a company apart.

Employee experience encapsulates all the interactions a person has with the organization. It starts from the first day an employee enters the company, and learns about the organization through consistent engagement, development and even through departure. Successful experience requires a strategy that combines cultural, physical, and technical attributes within the organization.

Today, let’s focus on technology in the workforce. Technology has made our lives more advanced and convenient. Writing a letter to your friend in the mail and waiting two weeks to get an answer is no longer necessary, just text them and get a response in seconds, that’s if they want to text you back. Anyways, the same concept has happened in the workplace, innovation has happened. Processes have become more advanced and efficient, and not only does the organization appreciate this, but the employees as well.

Employee experiences improved through digital workspaces. When we talk about the digital workspace, it has to do with the resources and tools that the company has that can improves the environment and processes. Programs that are utilized during onboarding processes or training, the projectors, or smart devices to collaborate at ease with team members or clients, or even software that gives the ability to work on projects remotely.

Utilizing programs that deliver rapid employee onboarding gives new hires immediate access to devices, systems and training, providing a good first impression of the company. By owning a class of smart devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and wearable devices, companies can provide integrated controls for all necessary application access permissions in the enterprise, to provide employees with tools for success. With advanced software, IT can now seamlessly deploy updates and service applications through a central management system. When IT is updating applications, employees no longer have to wait around for an hour, which keeps the employees productive and happy. The software also allows employees to work remotely, providing employees with the flexibility to work anywhere without losing the functionality of their desktop computers.

Having these tools and resources improve efficiency and productivity, it lets employees focus on work instead of having to waste time on slow onboarding systems, lagging laptops or worry about always having to be at their work desktop to keep up with work. Ease of work enhances the employee experience. When employees have a great experience working in an organization, they are happier and more engaged, which directly leads to better results.

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