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What's a virtual desktop?

Revitalize IT’s Virtual Desktop allows users to maintain better control of their information while still allowing their creative teams to use the tools that best fit their needs. Our solution prevents countless wasted hours, improves worker efficiency, and provides a more dynamic environment for engineers. We want to help build a custom solution that fits your team’s environment.

What we do

Whether engineers are in the field or on-the-go, today’s employees need reliable and consistent access to data across multiple devices. Slow networks are one of the top roadblocks to productivity, and countless hours wasted hunting down information or waiting on applications to load. Revitalize-IT’s solution provides employees a distributed workforce to be utilized and reliable access to the data they need on any device and network. 

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How we do it

Okay, so not everyone has a degree in engineering. Most importantly, not everyone understands the layers upon layers of technical jargon. Luckily, we’ve done the homework, translated the lingo, and devised a turnkey solution so there is little to think or worry about.

Serving as trusted advisers, we outline the current system that is in use, gather an understanding of end-user criteria, set-up the system to meet the criteria, implement & deploy system onsite, and finally train the prospective IT personnel on how to carry on and evolve.

The customer can manage a central host that can be easily deployed to hundreds of thousands of employees. No more taking hours updating, installing, or managing each individual employees’ computer creating a stop in productivity and sometimes requiring the customer to work afterhours.

The Benefits

Let’s face it, IT can be challenging. Revitalize IT has spent years servicing the Engineering/Manufacturing sector in both software and service. Our approach to a virtual desktop infrastructure has helped both manufacturing and engineering firms get the job done.

Taking our IT philosophy, we became more nimble, scalable, and secure, in order to improve the effectiveness in how we could support our team and customers. Today, Revitalize-IT is in business to help companies balance today’s technology with their business initiatives in order to reach the success they envision.

IT can manage a central host that can be easily deployed to hundreds of employees. This reduces IT taking hours updating, installing, or managing each individual employees’ computer creating a stop in productivity, or requiring IT to work after hours or on holidays.

Additionally, engineers have the capability to use standard, basic laptops to efficiently get the job done. When working with engineering software, it is no longer necessary to have a dedicated CAD workstation, saving on advanced hardware.

With us, your security is never compromised. Business’ data remains on a secure local cloud within your facility, yet users can access their applications remotely. The data never leaves the server that is located inside the organization.

Virtual desktops use a smaller amount of bandwidth; the central server hosts all the data that is usually on the user’s computer. This allows for files and data needed to be loaded within minutes instead of hours––especially large CAD files.

Say goodbye to wasted downtime

Get started today to make your engineering teams more efficient.

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